Why Green Tea Is Great for Your Metabolism

Finding ways to boost your metabolism and increase your weight loss can be difficult. However, there are several natural, cost-effective solutions to this problem. The ingredients within green tea can naturally boost your metabolism while also helping to improve your health in different ways.

How Green Tea Works

The possible correlation between green tea and a boosted metabolism was reported as early as 1999 by WebMD, which wrote on a study first developed at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. The researchers found that the beverage had “thermogenic properties.” In other words, you can lose calories simply by drinking green tea due to the work the body undergoes so as to digest the food.[1]

Why Green Tea Is Great for Your Metabolism

According to, green tea’s active ingredient, catechin, may boost the metabolism of individuals who drink the beverage. Studies have shown that individuals who drink green tea lost more weight than those who did not, with a consumption of forty ounces per day leading to a daily loss of up to ninety calories. Simply replace your coffee intake with green tea to boost your metabolism.[2] also noted that green teas ability to boost the number of catechin antioxidants within the body not only helps to boost the body’s metabolism, but also burn fat with the body. According to the website, green tea has been proven to lower blood sugar levels in seventeen clinical trials. They did, however, note that organic sources are the most healthy due to their lower levels of sodium fluoride. Take the time to invest in the most healthy of green tea variants.[3]

If you choose to begin drinking green tea on a regular basis, be sure to exercise regularly so as to boost the effectiveness of catechins. As notes, the catechins within green tea increase the changes to the body’s abdominal fat and blood fat levels achieved through exercising regularly. Be sure to drink green tea before performing some yoga exercises so you can achieve the maximum effectiveness of your metabolism-boosting efforts.[4]

Different Types of Green Tea and Their Efficacy

When considering which type of green tea to purchase and drink, be sure to keep in mind that certain types of green tea are more effective than others. As writes, green tea which contains caffeine is more effective than non-caffeine alternatives. Reporting on a meta-analysis of the beverage, they noted that the caffeine-infused beverage can help to boost your body weight, body mass index, and waistline more significantly than the non-caffeine version. Cut coffee, soda, and energy drinks from your diet to maintain a healthy caffeine intake.[5]

Different Types of Green Tea

While traditional green tea has proven as an effective metabolism booster, matcha green tea can also serve to increase the metabolism of the body as well. According to television personality Doctor Oz, this beverage also contains the polyphenol EGCG, the same catechin within other green tea varients which is also believed to have thermogenic qualities.

What separates matcha green tea from the traditional varieties, however, is the fact that it is mixed as a powder. In other words, an individual drinking green tea does not use a tea bag. Instead, they mix the beverage like they would a cup of Kool-Aid. As a result, you’ll be consuming the tea leaves themselves, which come with several other healthy nutrients.

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