Everything You Need to Know About Green Tea

There are several benefits of green tea which has made it a trend worldwide. Most medical professionals have advised it with several journal and reports been written speaking about the tree. Green tea is grown in many countries worldwide and exported to those that don’t grow it. It is a common drink to many and can sometimes be addictive. Green tea comes in different varieties and is usually processed before it can be used. There are several things you might not know about your favorite drink.

History of green tea

The history of tea dates back to 2700 year BC. The first tea drinking is reported to have taken place in China when a mythical emperor Shennong who was believed to be the father of medicine discovered it. It is said he tasted several herbal plants before discovering the many health benefits of tea. Several books describing the planting and preparation of tea were later published discussing the benefits gained from taking the green tea. The green tea was later to spread to other Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. During the Tang Dynasty in China, a book called the “Tea Classic” by Lu Yu was written which become the most important book speaking about the many benefits which included healing of wounds and helping stop bleeding. This book also explains the several health benefits which can be gained by taking a cup of green tea. It goes ahead to talk about beneficial effects the body’s 5 vital organs can gain by taking it. This shows that green tea is not a thing of yesterday and has been there for many centuries.

green tea

What are the different forms of green tea?

While green tea remains your favorite beverage, it comes in different forms. Most people are used to using the green tea packed in a tea bag. Well, this is the most common and a favorite to many but don’t be surprised that there are many different forms of green tea available in the market. So next time you buy tea remember you don’t have to take a hot cup of brewed tea so that you can enjoy all the benefits which come with tea. So what are the other different forms of green tea?

Green tea in a tea bag

This is the most common type of green tea and is usually packed in a tea pack after been processed in the factory. The green tea can be brewed hot or be iced and then be slowly sipped using. This green tea can be taken with a meal or alone and it usually creates a relaxing feeling when drinking it. But it is still good to note that there are different types of brewed green tea which exists with the most common being the Bigelow’s Green Tea.

A liquid concentrate of green tea

For those in a hurry and need to make some tea, a green liquid concentrate allows for the tea to be prepared very quickly. One does not have to wait for water to boil or tea bags to steep. Just by adding a few drops of the green tea concentrate to either cold or warm water, you are able to make very delicious tea within seconds or very few minutes. Green tea in a concentrate form is considered to act much faster as the concentration is considered more potent hence can act much faster. HerbaSway’s original herbal green tea is the most common type of the liquid green tea and can make some good tea by just adding 30 drops in between 6 to 20 oz of water.

Extracts of green tea in a capsule form

Technology has enabled people to take of green tea without actually having the real tea. Since the benefits that come with taking green tea are common, scientists have come up with capsules of green tea which people can just take and benefit without actually taking tea which has been brewed. The green tea is usually encapsulated in a gelatin-like capsule which are usually packed in 500 grams capsules. However it is essential for people to check with their doctors before using these capsules so that they can avoid cases of overdoses.

Green tea in a tablet form

This do not differ much from the capsule form but offer people a much faster way for the tea to be dissolved and absorbed into the body. They are usually sold as vegetarians and are joined together by cellulose and some form of minerals. These minerals are meant to add to the many befits that the tea offers.

The instant green tea

This is the most easiest to prepare and usually comes in a powder form. One just needs to scoop some of the tea and add it up to glass of either cold or warm water and stir it up. They can then add sugar if necessary and the tea will be ready to take. This form is considered a much better option than the concentrate forms. Wisdom of the Ancient Green tea is a good example of the instant green tea and with just half a tea spoon, one can have some a tasty cup of tea.

The instant green tea

Benefits of taking green tea

There is a reason why you must have a cup of the green tea every day before you sleep. Apart from making you feel relaxed physically, green tea has several beneficial effects on the uses that are unknown. Most people take green tea and benefit but actually never realize what they truly gain. It has even been said that green tea is the healthiest beverage in the whole world. Loaded with very many nutrients and antioxidants, green tea has a very powerful effect on the body. So what are these benefits of green tea?

Improves the functioning of the brain

Apart from making people remain awake for most of the time, green tea as been associated with making people become more intelligent. Caffeine which is the main nutrient in tea helps improve various functions of the brain. This is made possible by blocking Adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This helps fire up neurons and helps transmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine to concentrate much better. This way, it improves vigilance, moods, memory and reaction time making individuals smarter and sharp.

Weight loss

Weight loss is an important topic in the world today. But by taking green tea, weight loss problems can easily be solved with easy. Green tea is known to increase the rate of metabolism in the body helping digest more food at a faster rate. When much of the food in the body is metabolized, the body then metabolizes the excess fats in the body helping shed the fats off. This then automatically leads to weight loss.

Relieves people of depression

There is a specific type of amino acid which is naturally found in tea leaves called theanine. This amino acid is responsible the tranquilizing and relaxing effects that individuals feel just after taking the tea. This is a great benefit and helps relive people who are depressed making them cheers up.

Helps with skin care

The skin can benefit a lot by just taking green tea. This is due to the presence of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances found within tea. These substances have been found to prevent the causes of skin aging and the early development of wrinkles leaving the skin to remain smooth and spotless. Studies have also found that if green tea is applied topically it can help reduce the chances of skin damage due to the sun.

Grren Tea Helps with skin care

There are studies that have shown how green tea can help treat acne with easy. The contents of the tea bag can be used to clear the acne on the face after they have been used to make tea. They are taken and can be pasted on the face for some minutes before they are taken off. It is good to clean the face before actually applying the green tea paste. Hot brewed tea can also be left to cool down and one can use the tea mixture to rinse the face. When done for some time, it will eventually help clear acne from the face.

Benefits diabetic individuals

It is advised that people with diabetes should take green tea on a daily basis. Lack of insulin which regulates the glucose levels in blood can cause serious problems to diabetic patients. But it has been found that green tea helps regulate the glucose levels in patients helping lower the rise of sugar in the blood whenever individuals have just eaten. All forms of fat storage and insulin spikes are also prevented.

Reduces cholesterol levels

High levels of cholesterol in the body are not good and can cause several heart conditions. It is necessary to lower the level of cholesterol in the body. Green tea helps reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body while retaining the good cholesterol. This helps the body create a balance between bad and good cholesterol helping individuals remain health.

Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

This are diseases that affect the brain leading to loss of memory in patient as the disease develops. But with the intake of enough green tea, these diseases have been found to be delayed. The Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases usually develop over time and usually with time damage the brain affecting the memory of people. Taking green tea help delay the deterioration caused these diseases. The brain cells are prevented from damage and the damaged cells are slowly restored.

Treatment of heart diseases

Most of the diseases related with the hearts are due to poor blood circulation and changes of blood pressures. Green tea is known to line the blood vessels helping blood flow smoothly and this helps the blood vessels to cope well with any changes in blood pressures. Clots are main cause of heart attacks but can be well prevented by taking green tea. It is capable of relaxing the vessels and preventing the formation of clots along the blood vessels.

Prevents tooth decay

Catechin is an antioxidant which is found in tea and has the ability to kill viruses and bacteria that occur within the mouth. This bacteria and viruses are responsible for the tooth decay and other forms of dental caries. They can also cause throat infections which makes the throat sore. Regular intake of green tea can help prevent such conditions helping individuals maintain health teeth.

Prevents tooth decay

Treatment of various types of cancer

The esophageal cancer can easily be avoided by taking green tea on a regular basis. Further studies have shown that green tea can help damage the cancer cells without actually killing other healthy cells of the body. There are some studies that have been done showing that green tea has some positive effects in preventing breast cancer. A case study done showed that women taking green tea had lower chances of getting breast cancer by 22%. This is a very low chance and could simply mean green tea is very helpful. Apart from breast cancer, green tea has also been associated with helping treat prostate cancer in patients. A very low number of people taking green tea were found to be infected with prostate cancer. The case was similar with colorectal cancer.

Acts as a good antibacterial and antiviral substance

The catechin substance which is a strong antioxidant is another good antiviral and antibacterial substance which can help clear harmful bacteria and viruses. Various diseases like influenza are easily treated by taking green tea. The green tea is also known to prevent the spread of some common diseases like cold flu from one person to another.

Reduces high blood pressures

High blood pressure is not good for the health of the body. For many years, regular intake of green tea has been associated with the reduction of high blood pressures. This is possible by relaxing the blood vessels and preventing unnecessary blood clots.


Green tea is one beverage that should never miss from your daily diet considering the many health benefits. It is essential to make it a habit and take at least a cup of green tea every day. For those wondering why tea is very common and a favorite to many, the many benefits above show why almost everybody takes tea.

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