Why Drinking Tea is Good

Medical professionals will always specify the need to consume 8 oz of water every day, but do you know why? Fluid intake by the body is an initial step towards maintaining a healthy physique. If you arenít consuming fluids, youíre probably violating a lot of health regulations as your doctor would joke with you! So what kind of fluids does your body call for?

Have you considered tea as an essential liquid for consumption? As medical studies have proved in the past there are many health benefits of tea you can extract. Tea is definitely one of the best hydrating agents that offer wealthy nutrients. Being one of the most popular fluids, it always keeps the body refreshed and boosts immune defense. It is a calorie free beverage that increases metabolic reactions in the body.

Why Drinking Tea is Good

Need for Fluid Intake

Water is one of the most important liquids that need to be consumed by the body to prevent excessive dehydration. Water deficiency of as little as 2% body weight can impair physiological performance that can cause severe cases of migraine, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. As per research fluid intake is important for maximizing energy levels where an average adult should acquire 2L of fluids alongside 2000 calories a day. Type 2 Diabetes can be treated by consuming green tea since it improves insulin sensitivity.

Picking the right fluids ensures the body functions appropriately which can include consuming tea, coffee, fruit drinks, water and milk. For example if you consume skim milk or drink low calorie fluids, it can fill your stomach and curb hunger pangs as a solution for weight loss. Drinking iced tea on a hot summer day can cool the nerves tremendously or picking low sodium vegetable drinks can add nutrients into your body directly.

What Makes Tea Different?

So the question is how consuming tea can benefit the body? From the list of fluids that the body can readily accept, tea is one of the common most beverages that has and will always be in great demand. Tea is an excellent fluid consisting of active stimulants which after water is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world. Tea is an aromatic beverage that is traditionally prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the plant. The commonly found tea plant Camellia sinensis has a long history that dates back till the 17th century when it was first introduced by the Chinese as an herbal infusion.

The health benefits of tea are related to the constituents present in the brew that is prepared using different techniques using distinct tea plant varieties. Commonly found varieties consist of black, Oolong, white and green tea. The neuroprotective agents in tea like caffeine make it a potential fluid despite the many controversies that keep brewing. Caffeine is known to stimulate the central nervous system for improving concentration, increasing vigilance and reducing fatigue. Known to block certain neurotransmitters like Adenosine, tea reduces the pressure of falling asleep by ensuring net stimulant effect.

Theobromine and Theophylline relaxes the smooth muscles in the airway which in turn improves breathing. Increase in contraction of heart is a regulatory action of Theophylline present in tea. The other component being Theobromine has a mild diuretic effect which regulates blood flow hence leading to reduction in high blood pressure patients. L-Theanine is an amino acid that increases the generation of Alpha waves that affect major neurotransmitters like Dopamine and GABA. Such components in tea have made it into an outstanding beverage which is a safe alternative for individuals who cannot withstand a high dose of caffeine. Despite the quantity of these components being varied, the net effect of the fluid is highly visible.

Why Should You Drink Tea?

If you haven’t started consuming tea, you should probably know that the beverage contains antioxidants protects the body from aging. While coffee can cause indigestion due to high quantity of caffeine, tea is a better alternative. A 5-6 year study in Netherlands found that tea reduces the risk of suffering from stroke or heart attack by removing unwanted blood clots that are formed due to high cholesterol levels. All the major health benefits of tea are similar with just a little difference only because of distinct nutrient concentrations and technique of drying.

While Oolong and black tea undergo fermentation, green tea has the highest concentration of EGCG, despite only being steamed. If you’re thinking of sipping a light cup of tea, white tea is an ideal choice which is uncured and unfermented. One of the complimentary factors about tea is it builds strong bones. According to a scientific study where tea drinkers and non-drinkers were compared, proved that people who consume tea over a decade of 10 years visibly showed higher bone density due to phytochemicals in the infusion.

Green Tea

1. Do you love green tea? This particular variety has been used in medicine originating from China initially that later spread widely across Asia. It is considered as the most nourishing beverage on the planet which consists of maximum health benefits. Various bioactive compounds like polyphenols (catechins & flavonoids) are powerful antioxidants. Their purpose is to reduce free radicals which in turn prevent cellular damage. Epigallocatechin (EGCG) contains high medicinal properties which are used to treat many diseases.

Why Drinking Green Tea is Good

2. If you think Green tea only keeps you focused, it also improves cognitive functions! Caffeine being an active ingredient in green tea is a known stimulant that blocks neurotransmissions improving brain functions. Hyperactivity shouldn’t be considered a problem since green tea contains lesser amount of caffeine as compared to coffee. Reaction time, vigilance and improvement in mood are things to be noticed. Physical performance of an individual greatly improves after consuming green tea because of increased metabolic rates.

3. Another study contributed to the efficiency of green tea stating that fat oxidation increased relatively by 17%, which is an indication of sufficient cholesterol burn. One of the best benefits of consuming green tea is that it is an excellent source of antioxidants that contribute to cancer reduction. Breast, prostate and colorectal cancer studies in multiple individuals significantly showed reduced effects. One of the best health benefits of tea is its ability to reduce blood-sugar levels that was proved in a case study that took place in Japan where individuals consuming green tea had a 42% lesser chance of developing the disorder.

4. Cardiovascular diseases are reduced due to consumption of green tea where it can regulate risk factors which lead to cardiac diseases. Total cholesterol levels are reduced, LDL cholesterol particles are protected from being oxidized and triglycerides are maintained as a result of which, cardiovascular diseases are prevented. If you’re scared of becoming obese, green tea has become an active solution for weight loss. With its ability to boost metabolic rates it isn’t a surprise that green tea reduces body fat percentage and ensuring that individuals live a longer and wholesome lifestyle.

White Tea

1. White tea is a variety that is the least oxidized containing higher number of young bud leaves with very low quantity of caffeine. Many culinary experts believe that white is better than green tea since it doesn’t undergo heavy processing. White tea arrived in North America that contains a delicate flavor that is derived from immature tea leaves picked right before the buds completely. Consisting of a sweet and silky flavor, it is relatively milder as compared to green tea where instead of being air dried, the tea leaves are only steamed.

white tea

2. Modern science has discovered that while green and black tea is healthy, white tea is a different concoction of its own. It contains the highest quantity of antioxidants which protects the body from free radical damage. If you don’t know, free radicals are compounds which deteriorate DNA composition and accelerate aging. Antioxidants in white tea neutralize free radical effects and inhibit cancer cell growth. Flavonoids that are a type of antioxidants prevent the development of tumor cells. Being an excellent stress regulator, white tea alleviates the symptoms of diabetes.

3. A healthy skin is a fine sign of white tea components acting upon the body where free radicals are kept at bay. Scavenging free radicals ensures that nutrients are sustained thereby protecting skin from damage. It promotes healthy, radiant and nourished skin that can easily get tainted due to inefficient diet and stress. Since white tea contains fluoride, it helps maintain teeth and gums. It consists of excellent antibacterial and antiviral components which prevent tooth decay, plaque and bad breathe. Building a strong immune system is precisely the motive behind consuming white tea.

4. Apart from basic health properties like improving bone density, white tea easily improves the strength of your bones. For patients suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis, white tea is a recommended natural solution. Preventing rapid thinning of arteries and regulating blood flow are functions of white tea. By lowering blood pressure it guards the body against strokes. Catechins in white tea reduce cholesterol levels which ensure arteries aren’t blocked or blood flow isn’t interrupted. The circulatory system of the body is kept under control by lowering high blood pressure levels.

Black Tea

1. A supplementary beverage that you can consume alongside a steaming plate of fried potatoes is black tea! The second most popular variety of tea that is consumed all over Asia is black tea which is a doctor’s recommendation for any patient suffering from high blood pressure. Unlike green tea that is prepared from fresh leaves, black tea has a strong flavor owing to its production that is a consequence of old aged leaves undergoing fermentation. As studies indicate by the Tea Trade Health Research Association, black tea reduces plaque formation and bacterial growth. Major health benefits of tea are maintaining oral hygiene because polyphenols in black tea kill microbial agents in the cavities which can easily infect gums.

black tea

2. A 2009 report identified by Arab stated that black tea reduces chances of facing heart attacks as per the meta-analysis of antioxidants present in the fluid. While flavonoids prevent LDL cholesterol oxidation, black tea lowers arterial damage. In fact coronary artery diseases can be prevented due to the fluid’s ability to reduce blood clots and regulate vasodilation. Manganese which is an important element regulates cardiac muscle functions for improved circulatory system. Since it is an excellent stress relief solution if black tea is consumed once a day it is enough to prevent cardiac arrest.

3. According to a study conducted in elderly residents living in Mediterranean, researchers found that they’d been consuming black tea for years. The medical reports indicated that the recipients had 70% lesser chance of facing type 2 diabetes. Since it reduces cholesterol levels due to decreasing quantity of triglycerides, chances of heart failure are meek. Catechins are responsible for increasing blood vessel strength while tannin ensures body resistance against infections. Right from retarding tumor cell growth to inhibiting allergic responses, this tea is a rich infusion to consume on a regular basis. Also this variety of tea is a natural solution for weight loss since it stimulates metabolic activities in the body.

4. The digestive tract doesn’t suffer from painful intestinal inflammations which can often cause imbalance in bowel movements. The polyphenols combat anti-diarrheal effects beneficial for safe digestion. Tannins play a key role in addressing intestinal and gastric illnesses if black tea is consumed. Since it contains caffeine, black tea is an efficient stimulant that improves brain functions. Due to a compound called theophylline in black tea, respiratory, urinary and cardiovascular systems are well maintained. Regular black tea drinkers showed improved results in bone density and connective tissue strength.


Being an excellent source of antioxidants and phytochemicals, tea is a versatile fluid that is an effective substitute for unhealthy soda beverages. While certain beverages contain high quantities of fat, black tea in turn reduces triglycerides. As per reports, tea has been a natural source for treating Parkinson’s disease in patients. Surprised aren’t you? Right from fighting disease causing bacterial agents to reducing cancer, tea is a wonderful beverage that can be consumed either hot or cold. Already it is a delicacy that fights free radicals in the body to restrict unwanted cellular damage. Whether you’re drinking the authentic green tea or chamomile, tea consists of a closet full of healthy goodies.