What She Did With Oatmeal Looks Gross, But Wait Until You See This Brilliant Trick!

There are foods we all used to despise growing up – be it broccoli, cauliflower or oatmeal. However, as we grew up, we started to realize that each food plays a pivotal role, and the oatmeal is certainly not an exception to the rule! Besides using oatmeal for delicious main and side dishes, you can also use it to revitalize your skin and to give it a pleasant, healthy and long lasting glow. Check this out and you will never want to buy commercial, ready-made facial Spa masks ever again!

What She Did With Oatmeal Looks Gross, But Wait Until You See This Brilliant Trick!


What makes the oatmeal facial mask such a great choice is the fact that it is delicate enough for all skin types, yet also nourishing enough to revive your skin and soothe it. It has strong anti-aging properties and it can easily reverse fine lines and wrinkles, if you use it on a regular basis – besides, the most important benefit of this face mask is that it is entirely natural and chemical-free, without any additives or preservatives whatsoever.

Moreover, the lemon juice will also act as an astringent that will deeply cleanse your pores and give your face a shiny look! Check out the video tutorial below:

(Pictures and Video via Howcast)

Besides the lemon and the oatmeal, you will also need to use one egg white and some almond oil, as the latter is known for its amazing “time-reversing properties”. All you have to do is to squeeze half a lemon in a small bowl, then add the egg white, followed by half a cup of oatmeal and one tablespoon of almond oil.

Mix everything together and then use a makeup brush to apply the mask onto your face – or you can just apply it with your fingers! Relax, lay down and enjoy the soothing and refreshing effects of this amazing homemade oatmeal Spa facial mask!

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