5 Reasons Why Christmas Shopping Is Bad For Your Health

Why Christmas shopping is bad for your health, this sounds crazy but is true. Christmas is that period that families come together and celebrate. Most people tend to buy gifts for their friends and relatives during this period. This is the time when people tend to overspend and only come to realize so come January. However, wallets are not the only thing that suffers during this period. Christmas shopping can have devastating effects on one’s health. This is the time that people try to do things in a rush ending up putting the body and mind under a lot stress. Christmas is when everybody is fighting through the many crowds to get the perfect gift for their partners or children. Whenever the body is put under intense stress one can develop some medical complications. It is always better to try and do your shopping earlier or even better just celebrate the Christmas period without having to buy a lot of stuff.

5 Reasons Why Christmas Shopping Is Bad For Your Health

1. Mall migraines

Over 28 million Americans suffer from mall migraines during the Christmas period. Migraines can be caused by several factors but the numbers of people suffering from migraines tends to increase during the shopping period for Christmas. Women beyond their thirties are at more risky of suffering from migraines. There is evidence of these from the National Headache Foundation showing the increase in migraines cases during the month of December.

Christmas shopping is bad for your health

During this month malls are usually filled with all kind of items ranging from perfumes, Christmas trees and kitchen appliances. Cooking appliances and perfumes when being tested usually send odors into the air making the malls feel stuffy. This is the time when processed food is being put to test. Most people react to processed food developing migraines. This is one cause which leads to cases of migraines. The loud music and bright lights are another cause for migraines.

2. Stress

The stress of shopping can have serious effects on the body. High stress levels can raise the blood pressure to dangerous levels which can turn out to be fatal for the body. This high level of stress can always lead to hypertension which is one common cause of heart related problems, kidney and strokes.

3. Altered sleep pattern or just inadequate sleep

Sleep is very important for human being as it helps the body recover the lost energy. The mind also rests making people active and sharp the next day. However, during the Christmas period, people tend to shop all night as stores open late. This is the time when everybody is shopping meaning there will be crowds each looking to get a piece of any available deal. Most products are on offer just before Christmas forcing people to shop up to late night just to get the offers.

Some people also spend all night cyber shopping for various products. This great affects the sleeping patterns of most Americans. Sleep is essential for health and helps in metabolism of food. Without proper sleep people can develop headaches and lose their appetites. This coupled with the celebration that comes with Christmas may leave the body drained of all the necessary energy needed. Some people may need stress management techniques to help them fall asleep if they are being stressed about a certain gift just before Christmas.

4. Shopping Bag Bursitis

Shopping can cause pain to the body. The very heavy shopping items can take a toll on your shoulders especially if you’re out shopping alone. Bursitis is the swelling and pain that occurs on the bursa responsible for protecting your joints. There even more detrimental effects when individual tend to carry uneven weight. People will usually try to lean to one side as they try to balance the uneven weight. This can be damaging to the spine especially if such bags are too heavy and carried for a long period.

It is recommended that people do their shopping earlier or do several small visits unlike doing all the shopping once. Bursitis can be detrimental in women beyond their thirties with most spine damages being permanent.

5. Cart safety

Cart are very helpful in carrying the heavy shopping around the mall. However this can turn to be tragic when accidents involving the carts happen. The cases of such accidents have been reported during the Christmas season when everybody is out for shopping. Serious injuries can occur especially in cases when children are involved.

Cases where parent forget to properly strap their children while on the carts have been reported. Such children end up falling down when standing with most injuries been fatal when the fall is from 4 feet high. This is the period when children try to reach out for their favorite dolls and may fall down when stretching their hands.

6. Contamination

The chances of contamination of most diseases are usually high when a large group of people come together. Chances of an infection during the Christmas period are very high especially when shopping. The malls are usually crowded with all kinds of people who keep on touching various items as they look for what fits their needs. This can create a good source of transmitting germs from one individual to another.

Contamination cases can be serious in young children with an immune system which is not fully developed. The many food centers that are usually set up can also be another way of transmitting germs. The many people tasting the food from one joint to another can help spread the germs considering the very many number of people.


Well, Christmas is one good season people share with families and friends. Shopping is not bad but then the Christmas period might not be the right time for people to go out shopping. There many health risks during this time and one as to carefully prepare their shopping in advance to avoid the last minute pressures. There is no need to take much of your time preparing for Christmas but eventually end up not celebrating it due to the risks that may come up during the shopping period.