8 Ways Sleeping Naked Improves Your Health

Did you know that sleeping naked can benefit you? There have been many studies conducted about whether sleeping with clothes on or off is better. Surprisingly the results of all the tests point to the same conclusion. There are several health benefits associated with sleeping naked.

Sleeping Naked Increase your Oxytocin Levels

What is oxytocin? Many people refer to it as the love hormone because it helps to increase arousal. While sexual desire is a good reason, oxytocin offers several other important health benefits. It can help to decrease your stress hormones, lower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, improve digestion and decrease inflammation in the intestines.

sleeping naked

When two people start to touch, and their skin touches the skin of their partner, oxytocin is released. When you sleep with clothes on you limit the amount oxytocin levels because there is less skin to skin contact. Of course sleeping naked with your partner can lead to other things as well which will also help to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Room and Body Temperature Promotes a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is meant to restore the body and get it ready for the next day. In order to do this you need to fall into the deep sleep that many have trouble achieving. Body temperature has a lot to do with how deeply you sleep. Your core temperature needs to drop to get your body ready to sleep. If your body cannot cool properly you will never reach that restorative deep sleep. Being too hot can lead to insomnia or cause you to have a restless night’s sleep.

The best temperature for reaching the deep sleep you need is 60-68 degrees. Sleeping naked can benefit you the most if you have a cooler room temperature and light covers. This way your body can reach the correct temperature and allow you to sleep deeper and wake up refreshed, and experience the health benefits listed below.

Increasing the Growth Hormone

Your growth hormone is not just to help your body grow, it is vital to all of your body’s cells. The growth hormone works to increase your bone density so your bones will be stronger. It also helps repair your tissues and your muscles, which is necessary if you exercise daily. It can also help to decrease your chances of getting diabetes by regulating your insulin levels. Furthermore, the growth hormone helps to balance your hunger hormones so in turn it will help to promote a healthy weight. Other benefits include: keeping your heart healthy and boosting your immune system.

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