Why Can Dogs Can Sniff Out Cancer Faster Then Any Other Test?

For nearly a 100,000 years, dogs have stood by us and helped us in every way possible. Be it as our companion or as our guards, without the help of dogs it wouldn’t have been possible for us to make it past the agricultural age. But the one single thing for which dogs have been renowned for over the ages apart from its unmatched loyalty is its ability to smell, which has always helped us in one way or another. And the dogs nose is not restricted to tracking prey or sensing danger, because recent studies have shown that dogs can sniff cancer faster than any other tests.

Why Can Dogs Can Sniff Out Cancer Faster Then Any Other Test?

Cancer Detecting Dogs

 Dogs for the longest time have been popular for their uncanny ability to smell, which led them to become our permanent hunting companions and guards. Smelling predators and prey from almost a mile away, dogs have always proved useful for their overpowering sense of smell. Until one day a team of scientists decided to put the dogs and their nose to the ultimate test and use them to detect cancer. Which ironically paid off to be one of the biggest finds of our century.

Scientists discovered, that dogs who were trained to detect cancer did not only detect cancer successfully almost 10 out of 10 times, but they were able to detect cancer faster than any other tests available. With cancer smelling dogs detecting cancer in patients in a matter of minutes, patients who were suspected of suffering from cancers no longer had to spend a small fortune on tests and wait for weeks to get the result. Patients could simply walk into a room, lie down and the dogs would detect the cancer in a matter of minutes with an accuracy of 99.99%.

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