6 Ways To Cut Down 500 Calories Each Day

Weight loss is a major issue for most people nowadays. People have done crazy things to lose weight and maintain the good look. But you probably know you have to cut 500 calories every day to be able to lose one pound in a week. What we eat every day goes a long way to determine if one gains or loses weight. The calorie intake is determined by the type of foods we eat. Calorie intake verses calorie burnt directly relates to how we gain weight. So, how can one cut down 500 calories without affecting their lifestyle?

6 Ways To Cut Down 500 Calories Each Day

1. Cut down on beverages with a lot of calories

Beverages with a lot of sugars usually have a high level of calories. Cutting down on sweetened beverages could go a long way in cutting the calorie intake. Soda or orange juice can produce up to 170 calories in just 12 ounces. Instead of taking 12 ounces take for 3 or 4. Alcohol is also known to have high calories. For those who drink try and go for light beer or drinks like water soda. Increasing the amount of water one takes in a day can save a lot of calories. For those who cannot go without a cup of coffee of tea, try taking unsweetened tea.

Cut Down 500 Calories Each Day

2. Substitute vegetables

Are you taking a lot of meat or cheese? Try and cut half of your daily serving of meat and cheese and instead replace it with vegetables. This way you will decrease your calorie intake and instead increase on the number of nutrients. There is more beneficial and will leave you a much healthier person. Don’t just go for sweetness that does not help your health. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber which improves digestion. Fiber stay longer in the stomach and people remain fuller for longer.

3. Taking a lot of water

Have you ever wondered why your craving for that favorite snack never goes away? Well, sometimes we eat because our mind is set on eating. Having a bottle of water with you all the time can help you avoid the craving. Water will make you feel full and this will prevent you from taking in too much calories. One can cut 500 calories every day by just taking a glass of water every moment you have a craving.

lot of water to cut down 500 calories each day

4. Limit dried food

Once we fry food we have to use oil which contains a lot calories. A tablespoon of oil contains up to 100 calories. This can be tricky for most people who cook their foods by frying them. But there are other several ways in which people can use to cook their foods. One can steam vegetables instead of frying them. Other cooking methods people can use include baking and microwaving.

5. Eating plan

Do you just eat for the sake of eating. What are the main reasons that make you eat even while driving? Sometimes people just eat because they find themselves within a group of friends who have decided to have a snack. This way, one ends up accumulating a lot of calories which could have been avoided if people ate with a timetable. This may sound crazy but if you really want to lose up to 5 calories then you have to set a timetable. Include foods with low calories in your timetable and make sure you follow it.

6. Reducing the amount of food we eat

You don’t have to finish all the food on your plate. Our bodies actually use very little of what we eat. Sometimes we get full but then continue eating just to finish what we have been served with. Most people don’t like throwing foods away. Well, that is good but it does not mean we eat all that has been served.


Changing your diet can be difficult for most people. But you don’t have to make all the changes at once. One has to make small changes in all the areas discussed above. Instead of serving French fries, try and replace them with some vegetables. For those worried of having their diet completely changed should clear such thoughts and start by making very small changes. You will be able to cut 500 calories every day without even noticing that you have changed your diet. Too much intake of calories can have a lot of negative impact on one’s health. Make the right choices and follow the simple steps above and you will notice changes with your weight in a week’s time.