The 6 Top Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid

With the recent advancements in science, one of the most basic needs we have as living organisms has transformed into a multi-layered maze, one not devoid of traps. Food, the very thing that is supposed to offer nourishment, can be harmful. Here are the top cancer causing foods to avoid:

Red Meat And Colon Cancer

Researchers discovered that ingesting red meat regularly, regardless of the way it is cooked, increases the chances of colon cancer. While beef and pork maintain certain cancer preventing properties, the latter are overshadowed by the increased risks. This type of food has also been connected to prostate and breast forms of cancer.

Top Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid

As with any food product, the healthier it’s raised (or grown) the better for the human body. Animals that are fed grass or unmodified grain, carry a much lower risk of later inflicting harm on consumers. It’s also worth keeping in mind that charred meat is especially dangerous.

GMO Foods And The FDA

Genetically modified organisms are more prevalent in people’s diet, whether they know it or not. In an effort to reduce costs and get rid of pests easier, grains, vegetables and fruits get spliced in laboratories in order to withstand diseases and repel insects. Their effects on the human body couldn’t yet be studied at length, however, rats (with whom we share 99% of our DNA) develop tumors from ingesting them.

Usually, testing these products would fall under FDA jurisdiction, instead, GMO’s are monitored by three government agencies, depending on the level of growth, none of which taking a stand against them. Avoiding GMO’s can prove difficult, since the grains and vegetables can be used in other products, like, for example, breakfast cereals.

Alcohol And The Digestive System

Consuming alcohol has always been connected to many damaging conditions that may affect the body. Without moderation, there’s a rather large risk of cirrhosis, stomach ulcer and conditions related to the brain. In moderation, it’s proven to prevent diseases that may affect the heart.

Excessive alcohol drinking may also lead to an array of cancer forms. Extensive studies have shown that it can harm all organs through which it passes, starting from the mouth, all the way to the colon. As if the list wasn’t long enough, crossing consumption limits can cause breast cancer in women.

Farmed Salmon And Chemicals

As with GMO’s, the food industry goes to great lengths in order to ensure the survival of their products. This type of salmon makes it on the list of top cancer causing foods to avoid because of this. Filled with antibiotics, to prevent infections, pesticide and even flame retardant, this certain fish carries chemical residue inside the human body, greatly increasing the chances of triggering cancer.

Soda can hurt the teeth and the stomach

Soda And Coloring

Despite what some commercials may show, having a bottle of soda pop on the table, next to your dinner, is not the best of ideas. To begin with, these drinks have no value whatsoever, bar their taste. They are rich in sugar (which is never a good thing) and empty calories.

Soda can hurt the teeth and the stomach and, if regularly consumed, may certainly add to conditions like obesity. As if those weren’t enough, the artificial colorings and other chemicals that make up a large part of soda recipes may trigger a variety of cancer forms.

Chips, Popcorn And Carcinogens

While certainly great to have when watching a movie, these tasty snacks are not good for one’s overall health. When it comes to potato chips, the more exotic the flavor, the more chemicals they contain. Forget about cheese or chili or bacon. What you’re tasting is artificial flavoring and coloring, coming in the form of dust sprinkled on the chips. Needless to say, these additives increase the risk of cancer. If you simply can’t resist the temptation, purchase the simple, salted ones.

Not all popcorn is harmful, just the easy to make, microwave kind. Certain acids and chemicals that coat the inside of the popcorn bags have been connected to certain form of cancer (pancreatic, liver and testicular).

What might have seemed unfathomable for previous generations, has now become a cold, hard fact. Many food products that fill supermarket aisles, some cheaper than others and many in bright, colorful packaging, can seriously damage our health over time, making it into the list of top cancer causing foods to avoid. Although it may seem like a chore, it’s best to leave these on the aisle and look for alternatives in order to preserve health.