Things You Didn’t Know About Hummus

Hummus is one great salad which can easily be made using simple ingredients. It is a good appetizer and so best taken before meals. It is usually thick spread and can be served with almost anything ranging from vegetables to bread. The hummus is served in almost all restaurants in the Middle Eastern countries. But do you know there are so many things about hummus you might not be aware of? Let have a look at the things you didn’t know about Hummus

Important things you didn’t know about hummus

Probably you have eaten hummus on numerous occasions because of its good taste. But have you ever taken time to look at some facts about this great delicacy? You will be surprised at how much you don’t know about your favorite dish despite the fact that you eat it on a daily basis.

things you didn't know about hummus

Same recipe in all parts of the world

First, it may surprise you that hummus is found in almost all parts of the world. This dish has been in existence for hundreds and is thought to have originated from the chickpea growing nations like Greece and the Arab nations. But the exact country of origin is not well known. Some theories suggest it dates back to the 13th century where the first hummus was made in Egypt. That can show how long the hummus as remained in existence but still don’t be surprised to find that much of the recipe still remains the same over such long periods. The hummus recipe has remained the same all the time and still remains the same in different countries. Actually the only difference with hummus is the amount of tahini, sesame and cumin which is present. In some countries like Turkey, they exchange the butter with the olive oil. Small amounts of hot pepper and yogurt can be added but all the basic ingredients remain the same.

There have been wars and several arguments about hummus

Do you know wars have been fought over hummus. In the Israel history, it always came down to which hummusia made the best hummus. A Cookbook called Jerusalem talks about how men in Israel fought to know who the best in making the most delicious hummus was. There are several arguments in Israel of who makes the best which sounds more similar like the chips and fish shop in England. These arguments could go on for long periods with each trying to prove their cooking skills. The reasons for the fight can well be understood. It might be what most people need but actually don’t know. It offers a lot apart from the healthy factor. It has been known to help in adding individuals with a lot of physical energy. The libido of men is also boosted to a larger extent especially when the hummus is packed together with various minerals like iron, magnesium and zinc.

several arguments about hummus

Great health benefits

Those are not the only benefits of hummus. It is good to note that hummus is very healthy and can greatly improve the health of most people. The protein and fiber content in hummus are very high while the levels of saturated fats are very low making it the perfect dish for most people. There are also some very complex carbohydrates which leaves people feel satisfied. The health benefits of hummus are many and this is one dish most Americans are realizing about that tastes good but still remains very healthy. Hummus is slowly replacing mayonnaise with most Americans preferring it to the tasty but unhealthy dishes. 

It can be spread on almost everything

Most people think that you can only spread humus on just pita. You will be surprised that this is not the case and hummus can be spread on almost anything edible. Hummus can be spread on baked fish, sandwiches, pretzels or chips. It can also be flavored with some perk up vegetables. It even works well when taken with meat, try it and you will be surprised. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself craving for the hummus by just reading this article, well that might be another effect of hummus. So don’t limit yourself and always try out new foods of which you can easily eat your hummus with and you will surprised how wonderful it will taste.