3 Simple Butt Workouts You Need To Defy Gravity

When young, our bodies brave through all sorts of abuses: junk food, sleepless nights and lazying around. As we grow older, they require maintenance to keep them from sagging, especially our butts. Here are 3 butt workouts you need to perform in order to have it defy gravity, just like before.

3 Simple Butt Workouts You Need To Defy Gravity

Make Use Of The Environment And Climb

If you want to tone up your three gluteus muscles, get rid of the excess fat and improve your fitness levels while your at it, there’s nothing more efficient than a good cardio workout. And the good thing about cardio is that you don’t have to necessarily join a gym. You won’t need much equipment either.


All you’ll need is an incline. On descent, from a steep hill for example, our leg muscles carry most of the burden, however, when you make an ascent, your butt gets most of the burn from the workout. If you live in a hillside area, simply put on a pair of running shoes and start climbing your way up.

If you don’t, there’s no reason to fret, stairs will also do the trick. Keep in mind that the longer you climb without taking a break, the more efficient the workout, the rounder and tighter the butt, so try to gain entry inside a stadium for that really long flight of stairs. Not only will you be toning your body, but you’ll also get some great cardio while you’re at it.

Use Your Own Body Weight

Body weight exercises are some of the oldest and most efficient way in which to get in shape. You won’t need a gym membership, not even an incline. All you’ll require is a bit of space and a surface on which to do them. You can even do this in your living room.

Use Your Own Body Weight

Among the butt workouts you need we can consider lunges as essential. The gluteus isn’t just one big muscle, it’s actually divided in three: the maximus, medius and minimus. That means that only one type of workout won’t net you the result you’re looking for. Luckily, there are also three types of lunges to perform.

Start with forward lunges. Place one foot far in front of your body, like taking a giant leap, then bring the rest of your leg forward and bend the front knee. Do the same for the other leg. Backward lunges imply doing the same but in reverse. Simply take a large back step and bend. For side lunges, move the legs to each side, depending on which one you are using.

Don’t forget about squats. You probably remember these from your PE class. Either extend your arms in front or place them behind your head and interlock the fingers. Then proceed to bend both knees and bring that butt down with you. With a little training you’ll be able to jump once you straighten your legs back. This increases explosiveness and works the gluteus muscles even better.

Just Run

Maybe you weren’t able to find a long enough flight of stairs to give your butt muscles a good burn or maybe performing body weight exercises cooked up inside your home isn’t really motivating you enough. While having an incline is ideal, simply going for a run can also be very efficient.

Just Run

Ever seen track athletes on TV? Running does wonders for their bodies, so why not yours? Keep in mind that jogging at a leisurely pace won’t work. What you’ll need is a wide leg span, don’t just shuffle your legs on the pavement. The bigger the steps the better for your butt. Instead of simply jogging, try to go for short, intense sprints. These will also save up some time for you.

Speaking of pavement, such a hard surface can be harmful for your joints on the long run. If you decide to go running make sure to buy a good pair of running shoes, designed to efficiently absorb the shock. Or you can always find a running track in your area.

Don’t set unrealistic goals. The butt workouts you need to perform won’t work wonders in a short period of time. You’ll have to keep at it and remain motivated. Take pleasure from any progress, no matter how small, and strive to do just a little bit better tomorrow. One day you’ll look in the mirror and see that amazing butt you wanted attached to a person that lives healthy and keeps fit.