7 Reasons Bacon is Actually Healthy For You

Being a woman in her 30’s, there is a long list of things that every woman has to sacrifice to remain healthy and look as beautiful as ever. And sitting on top of the list like a demon wielding a sword is bacon, which is a strict no, no for any and every woman past her 30’s. Believed to produce a host of side effects on the female body, bacon for the longest time has been considered to be the most evil and vile product to have ever come out from a living animal. But little do most women realise is that bacon is not all that bad as we may have previously thought, as recent studies have shown that bacon can be good for you in more ways than one. And to break your age old taboo for bacon, here’s the top 7 reasons bacon is actually healthy for you.

7 Reasons Bacon is Actually Healthy For You

1. Healthy For Heart

When asked about bacon, the most common reply that almost everyone gave was “Delicious to eat and loaded with fat”. And even though you may feel that the fat present in bacon is the worst enemy for your heart, the truth is quite the opposite. The fat present in bacon consists of 40% saturated fat and 10% cholesterol, and the rest 50% is monounsaturated fat which is rich in oleic acid. And what is Monounsaturated fat which is rich in Oleic Acid? Well, it’s the same thing that makes the world go gaga for olive oil and considered as the best friend for your heart.

2. Good For Your Health

It is a world known fact that we derive most of our proteins and vitamins from meat, and people who don’t eat meat are generally more prone to illnesses and diseases. And bacon is no different from any other form of meat, as a 100 grams of bacon gives you Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, 37 grams of animal protein, 89% and 53% of RDA for Selenium and Phosphorus, and more than enough doses of potassium, zinc, minerals iron and magnesium.

3. Good for High Blood Pressure and High Blood Sugar

For ages, it has been believed that bacon is the core reason for High Blood Pressure and High Blood Sugar. But recent college and universities have shown that people who consume bacon regularly have lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels than those who don’t consume bacon and helps you remain healthy. 

4. Bacon for Weight Loss

Remember the time when you were small and your mother would tell you bed time stories that bacon is the key ingredient for rapid weight gain. Well, kiss those stories goodbye. Because bacon is without a doubt one of the best aids in weight loss. Unlike most fruits, vegetables and other weight loss agents out there, bacon flushes your body with high levels of protein and contains almost zero carbohydrates. Which means, you can eat bacon all day long and still have the energy to do all your work while you lose fat. 

5. Feel Happy With Bacon

Do you remember how happy you used to feel when you ate bacon every single day of your life? Well, you didn’t feel happy because you didn’t have to worry about gaining weight or heart problems when you were younger, you felt happier because the sheer amount of proteins and vitamins available from bacon helps stimulate your brain and makes you feel happier. As it works like a guilt free reward system for the body. 

6. Say Goodbye To Nitrates

It was only a few years back, when a hoard of scientists were out on a mission to prove how bacon can cause cancer as it is high in nitrates and cooking it produces Carcinogens in the form of Nitrosamines. And much like their thesis, they were blown hard out of the water as it was later discovered that the human body and vegetables had a much higher concentration of nitrates than bacon. However, just to keep things a little more secure, bacon producing companies started adding Vitamin C while processing bacon to diminish whatever nitrates the bacon may have, removing the uprise of Nitrosamines altogether.

7. Healthy for Nature

Believe it or not, but scientists have found another use of bacon as a substitute for fuel, which has a much lower emission level than traditional fuel. Which means, that in the near future, there is a high possibility of seeing eco friendly bacon powered cars which runs on fuel created from bacon.

Like it, love it, hate it, the fact remains that bacon has a long list of benefits which no other fruits, vegetables or meat groups can challenge anytime soon and including bacon to your daily lifestyle will in-fact help you lead a healthier, happier and possibly pollution free life.