How to Relieve Stress Naturally

Stress – a very commonly used word, especially when considering how hectic our lives have become in the past years. What with people trying to cope with more than just one job, or trying to keep up with their studies. Some tasks cannot be avoided, but at least there are ways with which you can relieve stress naturally. Let us discuss some of these methods, so that hopefully you will feel less stressed out.

How to Relieve Stress Naturally

Simple ways that will help you relieve stress naturally:

1. Pamper yourself – with your busy schedule there seems never to be enough time for anything, let alone some spare time where you can pamper yourself. However you need to make the time as you deserve to rest a bit. Pampering yourself can be just a time off from everything by sitting down on a comfortable armchair with your eyes closed for at least five minutes, or lying down on your bed for some time.
Whenever possible run a hot bath so as to immerse yourself in it. The steam and the warmth of the bath will help to relieve muscle tension and improve your mood. You could even try to make it a point to schedule an appointment at a spa, wellness centre, sauna or a hairdresser once a week. You will be amazed at the difference pampering and relaxing can have on your whole week.

to Relieve Stress Naturally

2. Massages – Swedish massages are considered as a great way to relieve stress. These types of massages involve gentle strokes that will help improve your circulation while soothing you. Another good option are aromatherapy massages where certain oils are used to help you breathe in and relax at the pleasantness of the tranquil atmosphere.

3. Scalp massaging – a simple scalp massage will work wonders to melt away the tension after a long day at work. Move from your hairline towards the back of your head repeatedly and massage with a nice smelling shampoo.

4. Chamomile tea – sipping some chamomile tea can work wonders. It is a form of natural tranquilizer that will calm you down and help you enjoy the pleasure of sitting down for at least a few minutes, rather than running around to keep up with countless chores, duties or errands!

5. Foot rubs – this is a very simple method, but it can be very relaxing. Just kick off your shoes and give yourself a good foot rub. The fact that you are bare footed is already a great feeling. Then, when you start to apply pressure on your feet you will start to relax too. It is best to run under the base of your toes, and then massage the ball of your foot.

6. Use lavender – lavender is a herb that has an immensely soothing scent. This scent can lower your heart rate and even your blood pressure. It is a good idea to decorate your home or office with lavender. Put some in a vase or use lavender essential oils to give that wonderful aroma to where you are spending most of your time. You will naturally start to feel less stressed out.

to Relieve Stress Naturally

7. Passionflower – this is another herb that is regarded as being very effective to relieve stress. This herb can be found in various forms, including liquid extracts, teas and infusions.

8. Meditation – one golden rule to relieve stress is to have a bit of alone time. You can make use of these few minutes a day to meditate. Just find a quiet spot, and start to focus on your breathing. You will learn to breathe properly and this will help you control your senses and your thoughts. Through it all you will feel much calmer.

9. Exercise – exercise will release endorphins in your brain. This will help to improve your mood considerably. Besides if you exercise regularly you will feel healthier and better, which will automatically make you feel better about yourself and your life.

10. Eat healthy foods – avoiding foods high in sugar will help you to feel less on edge. Healthy foods will improve your health and you will feel more energized. According to research there are a number of foods that are very effective against stress. These include blueberries, almonds and salmon. It is also important to avoid too much caffeine.

As you can see there are various simple ways that will help you deal with your stress. Try to put them into practice so as to lead a more peaceful and relaxed life.