Amazing healthy Christmas Ideas that will leave you feeling much better

Christmas is around the corner and people are already getting excited. Well, it is normal to get excited but be careful how you go around the Christmas period. This is the time when most people indulge in several unhealthy activities which always have negative effects on their general well-being. When the word ‘health’ is mentioned, food comes onto the minds of most people. Staying healthy over the festive season has more to do with than just the kind of food people eat. The body’s general well-being is determined by several factors which are always neglected during the Christmas period. This is the time you will find most people spending way beyond their budget and having to regret come January. There is need for people to celebrate Christmas in a healthy way without having to put so much stress on themselves. After all, what is the need of being excited about Christmas and end up causing your body more harm? Let’s look at some ideas that will leave you a healthier person after Christmas.

Stay healthy on your budget

Most people spend way too much looking for the perfect gift for their couples, friends or relatives. It is essential that you buy something you’re okay with financially. Most of the people you may be looking to surprise with an expensive present may actually not need it. Sometimes small things speak millions and can be what your friends want. The best gift you can give your friends is happiness and health. This does not mean you don’t spend at all. Buying gifts just around $50 or less is ideal and will not break your budget. Let’s have a look at some few gifts that will leave your friends healthy and happy.

healthy christmas ideas

1. Fitness workout bag from Puma

puma workout bag

This one comes cheap around $54 and can be a perfect gift for those friends who love visiting the gym. The bag is very stylish and can still be used as an office bag and serve the function properly. This can be got from any puma shop in all the States.

2. Cuisine Couture Apron

This is a perfect gift for friends who rarely eat a home cooked meal. One greatest change a person can make in the lifestyle is to start cooking and avoid eating at restaurants. Home cooked meals are always healthy as one decides what to include in the ingredients. However, it is always a challenge for most people to take time in their kitchen and make a well cooked meal.

This cool apron will be the perfect motivation this Christmas period to make your friends start cooking. The apron is stylish and smart made from Anthropologie and could inspire anybody to spend some time in the kitchen. Moreover, it is very affordable coming at less than $32 which will not create a big impact on your pocket.

3. Yoga kit or mat from

This is one very affordable gift coming at $15.95. The yoga kit is ideal for people don’t exercise and have issues with their fitness and weight. The kit comes with a yoga mat, strap, resistance band, exercise ball and a complete workout guide. There is also an accompanying DVD which shows all the necessary poses that people struggle with.

4. Food savers from

Vegetables and fruits are always health foods to include in your meals. However, you will find most people forgetting their inclusion on meals when cooking as they are stored in some plastic containers which are rarely noticed. Getting these air tight containers which are specifically designed to resemble the various kinds of fruits and vegetables will make it easier for people to remember their ingredients with easy.

These airtight containers are designed for foods like lemons, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, onions, grape fruits, onions and limes. The containers further help keep the food fresh and cut on any waste on plastics. They will eliminate the difficulties people face peeking into containers to choose the right kind of ingredient when cooking.

5. Share in the feeling of giving

Christmas is the time when people need to help those in need. There is always a good feeling when you know you have helped someone in need. It is always health whenever people feel happy. Global Giving has made it easier for people to give donations to various people around the world. How do you feel when you know you small gift of $20 has helped some pregnant mother deliver safely in some third world country.

There are HIV positive pregnant teens in countries like Peru and Lima who lack food and can feed with your $25 donation. Creating a smile on someone’s face always feels great. So, next time you think of spending thousands of dollars on a gift for someone who does not need it, think again. There are several people who could benefit with a gift small than what you’re just giving. You will even find your friends delight in your action and appreciating you more than if you had given them the gift.

6. iPod Watchband

ipod watchband

This is a cool easy to see while doing your workouts on the gym and comes cheaply around $19 dollars in Amazon. It easily clips on your clothing and makes a stylish look for people. It can easily be turned into a watch and worn outside of the gym. You don’t have to buy it for a fitness lover or workout junkies. This gift can work perfectly for anybody ranging from music lovers to film lovers. It will make a statement in and out of the gym.

7. Alarm clock with exercise

Do you always wake up in the morning and do some work out before you get out of the house. Exercising every day in the morning before doing anything is one way to remain health and keep our bodies fit. However, we all know how hard it can be to wake up in the morning. This dumbbell clock will start your morning with some exercise. It is a clock and a dumbbell combined together with an alarm that will always wake you up at the set time.

wake up work out alarm clock

There is a motion sensor on this unit which will not allow the alarm to turn off when it starts ringing until 30 curls have been completed. This can be a perfect gift for people who need some creative alarm to help get them out of bed. Further it exercises the person making them remain fit. It is cheap and comes at $30 from

8. CarbLovers diet book

CarbLovers dietbook

This book has helped millions of people lose extra weight and remain healthy by eating only healthy foods. This book gives guide on how to eat your favorite meal and steal remain healthy. In the guide, there are several great recipes that have resistance starch. There are countless tips on how people can change their bad eating habits in an healthy way.

This is one perfect gift which will not cost you much coming around only $14 on Amazon. There are several people who have given their testimonies on how the book helped them remain slim by following the guidelines inside the book.

9. Grown up lunch box

Most of the time you will find people eating highly priced foods which usually contain a lot of calories. In most cases such people do not have a choice as they have to get back to work by 2. Getting one a Box appettit Lunch Container from will go a long way in changing their eating habits. This has a clipping for sauce, removable microwave for safety and dressing. The ox comes with a fork to use when eating.

It only costs $22 which is really affordable helping one solve the problem of eating high caloric foods during lunch hours.

10. Rx remainder

Rx remainder

This is a reminder that helps gals remember to take their birth control pills on time. You will find that birth control pills need to be taken at a certain specific times for them to work effectively. This can be difficult to remember especially for bust girls. Buying your friend girls the Rx remainder will go a long way i helping them remain safe.

The birth control Pillzie comes at just $15. It is designed in a way that it stores the pills with an alarm incorporated in it which will ring whenever the right time for taking the pills gets.

11. Blender with a to go cup

This blender can be a perfect gift for people always in a hurry. It comes with a sports bottle which store the juice blended and one simply goes with the bottle without having to drain the content to another bottle like in other blenders. The bottle has some hook in which one sets the bottle to the blades for blending and once the blending is done, just take with you he bottle and the hook.

Such blender can be found at Amazon starting around $25 which is really affordable. One can easily throw in some fruits, yogurt and some fresh juice and get going in seconds.

12. Earphones that protect hearing for your kids

In most cases you will find small children blasting their ears with loud music through their earphones. Most of these earphones have a very large sound limit going up to 100 or even 12o decibel which is equivalent to the siren of the ambulance. This can be damaging to your kids and may cause hearing problems for children as they grow.

Earphones that protect hearing for your kids

Buying hip buds that limit the sound level on your child’s ears from Amazon can help protect your child’s ears from damage. The Etymotic Research EREK-5-BLACK EtyKids Safe-Listening Headset will let your child listen to music without ever worrying about the level of the volume. They are usually in different colors and one cannot miss their child’s favorite color. They work perfectly and look similar to other earphones. Your child will not notice the difference but will be more protected against and hearing problem.

There are several cheap gifts that people can buy during this festive season that will have a lasting impact on the health of their friends and relatives. It is always important to know what the gift you’re buying for your friends will do to them. Apart from gifts, there are several things that individuals can do to remain healthy throughout the festive season.

Planning early

During Christmas you will always find most stores full of people in search of different gifts. This is not the right time to go out shopping. The hassles and bustle that goes on during this period will cause stress among people leading to some medical conditions like migraines. The one time shopping where people carry lots of weight on their shoulders can cause stress on the shoulders leading to injuries and muscle pains. Planning your shopping early and buying in bits can help avoid such instances.

Avoiding sleeping late as you try going through various sites in search of the perfect for your partners. Interrupting your sleep pattern can have some impacts on your health as sleep is very important in restoring the lost body energy during the day.


For those who have been spending thousands of dollars on expensive gifts and having to regret come January on how they have overspend, now you know how you can make your Christmas more funnier and healthy without having to spends huge amount of sums. It is always important to remember the festive season will always pass and life will continue. Before making any decisions regarding the Christmas, ask yourself what impact the decision is having on other people and you.

Christmas is a period for people to share and not a period to show how expensive your gifts are. Simple things that create a positive impact on the life of other people can be the perfect gift one can give to friends and relatives. Something that will completely change their life and make them keeps you in their memory for the rest of their life.