The Important Health Benefits of Yogurt

Living healthy is strongly connected to one’s diet. If you’re looking to replace your meals with types of food that your body can benefit from, do not forget to include the popular, but very efficient yogurt. The health benefits of yogurt are many and don’t stop at the digestive tract.

The Important Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt And Homeostasis

Although it’s only a dairy product, yogurt itself can almost be considered a full-fledged remedy. Its contents are varied and each and every one of them chips in for our overall health. Vitamins, active bacteria and proteins, all contribute to what we came to call our homeostasis.

Jogurt And Homeostasis

The term “homeostasis” refers to our general state of being, both physical and mental. While the health benefits of yogurt do not include the cure for anxiety or depression, one serving per day can leave you feeling healthier and more active. Ailments tend to ruin this homeostasis, but some can be prevented, and even cured with yogurt.

A common and cheap dairy product, yogurt turns into kryptonite when it comes to digestive tract-related ailments. Constipation, diarrhea and the inflammatory bowel syndrome are all targeted by the good, active bacteria contained in yogurt. Usually, we associate bacteria with harmful effects, yet we carry a boatload of them inside our bodies, most of them, to and for our benefit.

A large number of good bacteria coats our intestines. They are crucial for healthy, regular bowel movements. Whenever we take antibiotics (to get rid of an infection or a resilient case of the flu), when we ingest highly processed foods, these bacteria thin down. This in turn causes digestive and bowel issues.

To get back on track, we must replenish bacteria numbers and restore balance inside our bodies. Some choose to purchase probiotic supplements, but why swallow a pill when yogurt contains the helpful bacteria you need?

Yogurt And Vaginal Infections

The vagina is also a part of the body that is rich in bacterial flora, bacteria that forms a rather precarious balance. While proper care and hygiene can thwart infectious attempts, sometimes, even when doing everything in a secure and right manner, issues may appear.

Yogurt And Vaginal Infections

Because we are all different when it comes to our DNA make-up and because our immune systems are sometimes not the best of guardians, vaginal infections can get triggered by antibiotics. The same medicine that is supposed to get us rid of unwanted guests, has the power to make room for a bunch of others.

While antibiotics kill the harmful bacteria and viruses, they also weaken our own bacterial flora. In doing so, they leave room for candidiasis, a condition caused by a type of yeast, one that is impervious to antibiotics. Vaginal infections may also stem from taking birth control pills.

Fortunately, the health benefits of yogurt are there to reverse matters to their healthier status. They do so, again, through their live bacteria cultures. Ingesting, roughly, 5 ounces of yogurt daily can aid in replenishing and balancing the vagina’s bacterial flora.

Studies have shown that a daily consumption of yogurt drastically decreases the risks of infection recurrence. The practice of using yogurt for vaginal showers or implementing it in a vaginal suppository was not proven to be more effective than regular consumption. While ingesting yogurt is as effective, it is also less messier and will take a lot less of your time and effort.

Yogurt: Nutritious Value And Other Benefits

In order to maintain good energy levels, we must have a good grasp on our diet. While most types of food will supply us with the fuel we need to go about our day or even perform strenuous physical tasks, the majority of them carry their own drawbacks and take their toll on our long-term health.

Yogurt: Nutritious Value And Other Benefits

While it may be tempting to consume sugar-rich food products to get an energy high, these will leave a mark on our blood sugar levels. They will also supply us with unwanted fat deposits. Yogurt on the other hand, has no drawbacks. It can be found on the dairy isle in any supermarket, it’s cheap and it’s filling, one cup containing an average of 5 grams of proteins.

Among the health benefits of yogurt, we can count the B12 vitamin, one that is essential in maintaining the health of our own blood cells. If you choose not to eat meat products, yogurt is one of the only other types of food that contains it. Zinc, potassium, iodine, phosphorus are also found in a cup of yogurt and they are all important for a healthy, balanced diet.