Delve Into Health With Fish Oil Supplements

Derived from salmon, mullet, tuna, herring, menhaden and many other types of fish, fish oil is touted as supporting a host of holistic advantages. The true health benefits of fish oil may be debated within the scientific community, but as research continues to be released, it seems this simple supplement boosts your own ability to prevent various conditions and diseases.

Effects of Fish Oil on Your Heart

Did you know over half of deaths attributed to heart disease are women? In fact, The Heart Foundation states nearly six times as many women die from heart attacks than breast cancer. Now is the time to take control of your cardiovascular system by changing your lifestyle and supplementing with fish oil. One of the most studied health benefits of fish oil is its ability to protect the cardiovascular system. While this purpose is rich in holistic and herbal healthcare routines, what does modern science say regarding this use?

effects of fish oil on your heart

Before delving into the scientific evidence supporting this use, it’s important to understand exactly how fish oil works. According to a vast array of studies, the primary medicinal compound from fish oil is omega-3 fatty acids; also referred to as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). These compounds are known to protect the human cardiovascular system from coronary heart disease by lowering blood triglyceride levels, relaxing blood vessels and eliminating inflammation.

It’s through these functions that fish oil is able to protect the entire cardiovascular system, as well as prevent death from heart disease. In fact, a study published in the March 1996 edition of “BMJ,” study participants who supplemented with fish oil experienced a 29-percent reduced risk of cardiac-related death.

Enhanced Immune System Functionality

Tired of being vulnerable to cold and flu season? One of the most effective ways to prevent illness, and eliminate an existing sickness, is to enhance immune system functionality. Increasing the protective and combative action of your immune system is done through a myriad of steps; however, did you know one of the primary health benefits of fish oil is strengthening your immune system?

Enhanced Immune System Functionality

Much like its cardiovascular system protective abilities, fish oil supports the immune system through its primary compound, omega-3 fatty acids. It’s believed by researchers this compound protects the immune system by increasing the effectiveness of eicosanoids and cytokines within your body. To simplify a complex process, these chemicals are released when cells are injured. While they are responsible for creating inflammation, their presence cues white blood cells and other compounds designed to combat viruses and other harmful elements. By enhancing the work of these compounds, while simultaneously fighting inflammation, the body uses chemical signals released from cytokines and eicosanoids not to increase inflammation, but to strengthen immunity responses.

Build Muscle Faster With Increased Protein Synthesis

Cultivating a strong muscular system is far more important than looking great while lounging on the beach. Strong, developed muscles protect your organs and skeletal system while ensuring body fat concentrations remain at a healthy level. Promoting muscle growth and development requires a dedication to not only exercise, but also to proper diet. One of the most important compounds for muscle growth is protein. In order to build muscle your body must synthesize protein at a high rate. A surprising health benefit of fish oil is its ability to increase protein synthesis within muscle cells.

build muscle faster with fish oil

Before delving into how fish oil enhances protein synthesis, it’s important to understand how muscle tissue grows.
Throughout a strength training routine, muscle fibers are physically damaged through rips and tears. Immediately upon this damage, satellite cells are activated. Within a complex biological process, muscle cells are repaired, enlarged and multiplied through protein synthesis. Therefore, to promote stronger muscles, you must enhance workout intensity while simultaneously enhancing the rate of protein synthesis.

According to a study published in the December 2010 edition of “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil significantly increased protein synthesis after an eight week supplementation routine. So what does this mean for you? Instead of relying on your natural ability to stimulate muscle repair and growth, research suggests consuming fish oil supplements every day.

Although preliminary research is promising regarding the varied health benefits of fish oil supplements, it’s essential to discuss the use and dosage of this supplement with your physician. Much like any other supplement, certain medications may have a negative interaction when combined with fish oil.