7 Proven Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is one of the most common spices you can find in any kitchen because of its unique flavor and the tons of health benefits that it has. The Chinese have long recognized the health benefits of ginger which is regarded in traditional medicine as an effective cure for metabolic and circulation problems and even for weight loss. Here are 7 ginger health benefits that may just encourage you to start using more of this healthful root in your diet. 

Promotes normal blood circulation

Ginger promotes blood circulation because of its chromium, magnesium and zinc content . Effective circulation helps promote better temperature regulation, which is also the reason why ginger tea is great for eliminating fevers and chills.

Reduces inflammation

Ginger contains specific chemicals that help fight inflammation in the body. These chemicals are primarily secreted into the stomach and intestines, which may aid in the prevention of stomach ulcers and certain types of cancers. In fact, a study done at the University of Michigan Medical School and published in Cancer Prevention Research found that ginger supplements given to participants reduced the number of inflammation markers within a month. 

Motion sickness and nausea remedy

Ginger contains chemicals that can affect how the brain responds to nausea and motion sickness. This makes this root an effective remedy for motion sickness which is useful if you easily get carsick during long car rides. Ginger also has a positive effect on nausea that is a side effect of chemotherapy. In cancer patients, chemotherapy usually causes nausea and vomiting which affects appetite. Patients can eliminate nausea by taking ginger before the start of each chemotherapy treatment. 

Prevents colds, flu and asthma

Some people find that taking ginger raw or cooked helps prevent or treat respiratory conditions such as the common cold, flu and asthma. Purified components of ginger root can relax the smooth muscles which line the airways to facilitate normal breathing especially in asthma patients. It is also a natural expectorant which means that it helps the body break down and expel mucus and relieve congestion in patients experiencing respiratory problems. By drinking ginger-infused warm water two to three times a day, you can easily reduce and even eliminate the most common symptoms of the common cold. 

Reduces muscle pain

Muscle pain which can occur during strenuous activities is also caused by inflammation. Taking ginger supplements before and after cycling, kickboxing, yoga and other strenuous physical activities that take a toll on the muscles can help reduce and relieve pain. The topical application of ginger oil on arthritic joints has also been found to relieve joint pain in patients suffering from different types of arthritis.

Improves digestion and absorption

Ginger helps improve the absorption of nutrients in the stomach and gut by stimulating gastric and enzymatic secretion. Better absorption means maximum use of nutrients that you take with each meal.

Helps in stroke prevention

Women in their 30’s and 40’s have a higher risk for strokes than men in the same age groups. The daily consumption of ginger supplements or ginger in meals can help prevent strokes by reducing fat deposits in the blood vessels. Ginger helps maintain blood vessel health which also reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease.

How You Can Take Advantage of the Health Benefits of Ginger

You can start taking ginger as a supplement or start incorporating higher levels of this root into your meals. Ginger can be used to flavor food in various types of preparation whether it’s fried, broiled, boiled or sauteed. Ginger is a great spicy flavoring for clear soups and broth which is perfect for treating high temperatures and colds. It can also be made into ginger powder for teas, hardened into candy and even comes in topical formulations to treat and heal skin irritation and inflammation. Ginger juice made by squeezing fresh ginger helps reduce inflammation caused by burns and ginger oil has also been used to relive joint and muscle pain.

With all the health benefits associated with this root, it is no wonder that ginger is easily one of the best supplements you can take if you want an overall boost in health and immunity especially if you are in your 30’s and 40’s. From its anti-inflammatory properties to its ability to promote digestion and reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, ginger is truly an amazing natural supplement that can do wonders for your health.