Best Tips to Stay Slim Forever

Millions of people all over the world are fighting to ensure that they lose their weight and kip fit. However, losing weight is usually half the story since ensuring that you keep slim forever is the greater challenge. There are quite a number of best tips to stay slim forever that helps those that do not want to lose their shape after weight loss.

There are 3 best tips to stay slim forever. First it starts with the altitude that one has. Secondly we look at the diet that one needs to take to ensure that they keep healthy and fit. Thirdly it has to do with body exercise.

Altitude towards staying slim forever

A person’s altitude has everything to do with what happens in their life. In terms of weight loss and keeping slim forever a person’s altitude is one of the best tips to stay slim forever. There are 3 ways to have the correct attitude to stay slim; 

Altitude towards staying slim forever

Getting Passionate

In order to stay slim forever all you motivation need to be only about you and what you want to achieve. For example women may tend to consider staying slim for their husbands or their best friends. Always get to figure out what drives your need to keep slim .Having a passion for action like the need to ride a bike may be with your kids, climbing stairs or the urge to wear some skinny outfit for an upcoming event may be the things that could help you get passion for keeping slim.

Avoid being Negative

At times people especially women may get negative towards staying slim after losing weight. The number one reason is that mostly after child birth women tend to gain weight due to hormonal changes. This tends to make lots of women get negative since they say after all their will gain weight after child birth. Truth is just because it can happen doesn’t mean it affects what you want you body shape to be. After all, thousands of women still remain slim even after child birth.

Feel your success and reward it

Make sure that you create a reward system for yourself. You can for example consider a monthly assessment where if you goal weight is maintained then you can give yourself a good treat. This can for example be getting yourself a new outfit that could make you look even slimmer.


Keeping track of what you eat and drink is one of the best tips to stay slim forever. It all should start with some sense of moderation just to make sure that you get to have the correct combination and enough food in your plate. The importance of this is to ensure that you do not over-eat or under-eat. It also ensures that your diet is correctly balanced. There are 3 main ways to ensure your eating habit is right?

diet to stay skinni

Insist on balance and variety in your meals

To ensure that you keep slim forever ensure that all your meals are balanced according to all the basic nutritional categories. Your meals should have the correct mix of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats etc. each day. Variety is too important. Ensure that you eat a variety of foods that are from each food group to help improve your nutrition and keep you off from junk food cravings.

Keep off Munchies

Any one that wants to stay slim forever must avoid eating junk food. Despite the fact that snacks are at times healthy between meals so as to cut down the amount of food you take and increase metabolism they are also the number one reason that will make you gain unwanted weight.

Use a food Journal to track you calories

This is usually one of the most important tools that will help you monitor your weight loss goal. You need to track most of the things that you eat and drink to ensure you do not make diet mistakes. This helps you keep slim always.


It is difficult for any one to stay slim without body exercise. Nutritionist and many weight loss experts all agree this tops the list among the best tips to stay slim forever. The importance of exercising it to facilitate your body metabolism and keeping fit. You can consider activities such as running, walking, bike ridding and other gymnastic activities. A recommendation of between 30-60 minutes of exercise all depending on exercise intensity is recommended. Always ensure that you create an exercise schedule that you are ready is convenient for you and your ready get disciplined about it.

Staying slim forever is the dream of many people especially women. It is possible to keep slim even after weight loss all you need is to follow the above three best tips to stay slim forever and the results will be amazing.